Dining Information

Meal types
Day Lounging 07:00~14:00

Fine semi-buffet breakfast (for guests)、Brunch、Set meals、fine deserts、Brand-name teas、hand-brewed coffees


Afternoon Tea 14:00~17:00

Pizza、fine deserts、Brand-name teas


Night Indulging 17:30~21:30

Italian-French-Japanese fusion cuisine、Chef’s Course, Fine a la carte menu、Wine suggestions and professional cocktails


Day Lounging Menu

Night Indulging Menu

Beverage Menu



Parking garage

Park Lees Hotel has underground parking. Free of charge for guests, and one hour of free parking for restaurant guests spending over NT$500, not arriving at the discount time should be charged for half an hour NT$40.



CERCLE de Cercle

No. 192, Wenxin Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

TEL: +886-7-962-9990